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Responding to the Global Migration Crisis through Local Innovation

Vicky Kelberer, Graduate Co-Chair - Pardee Initiative on Forced Migration and Human Trafficking

Published 11/28/15

Horrific terrorist attacks on November 13th in Paris shook people across the globe, and in Boston many of us were reminded of the 2013 Marathon attacks.

Somu Energy: Recharge Labs

Gabriela Corbera and Dahlia Rawji, Edited by Cecilia V. Lalama - Somu Energy


David D'Angelo and his team founded an organization that is designed to alleviate energy poverty by providing low-cost, sustainable, clean electricity to villagers across Nepal.

Public Health in the Developing World

Dr. Leandro Grimaldi Bournissaint -


A field trip constitutes the foundational platform on which we have got to base further actions and strategies to modify current situations.

The Country Global Citizenship Report Card Project

Ron Israel - The Global Citizens’ Initiative


An initiative to hold nation-states more accountable for their commitments to uphold global agreements, conventions, treaties and best practice standards.

Caring 2 Communities with Mariah Ridge-O'Brien

Gabriela Corbera, Edited by: Cecilia Lalama - C2C, Care 2 Communities


Tell us a little bit about C2C’s role in healthcare and international development. C2C is a global health non-profit organization that provides access to high-quality, susta...