Adam Korn

The Boston Network for International Development (BNID) has undergone an incredible transformation over the last two years. Through the generosity of the Ansara Family Fund and the Boston Foundation and the rest of our sponsors BNID has been able to dramatically expand and grow our website. Furthermore, thanks to the work of our incredible board and staff this growth has been possible. As a result of hard work and dedication of dozens of people in the area we have become the leading platform to exchange information relating to international development events and job openings in the greater Boston area. 

Since September of 2013, we have seen our following more than double, with more than 3,300 people now engaging with our newsletter every week. To further engage our growing constituency, we are proud to announce we will be beginning our Blog series. The purpose of this blog will be to serve as a focal point for conversations relating to real world stories of international development and will be used to help foster peer-to-peer connection across the Boston area and around the world. 

Our current plan will be to guarantee at least two pieces of original content per month and from time-to-time we will be accepting open submissions from our members. This original content will include interviews with leading local professionals and practitioners in international development and the topics will range from recommendations on how to get a job or internship in the sector to what it really means to work on the ground in countries across the world. 

Finally, we would like to thank you, our members, for your continued support and enthusiasm for our work. We believe this blog will help create important conversations that might not otherwise be possible to do. If you ever have any questions about our work please feel free to email us at [email protected]!


Adam Korn
Associate Director
Boston Network for International Development (BNID)