In an age of social distancing, our connection - and division - has never been more visible. 

Raina Fox
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In an age of social distancing, the connections between us have never been stronger. The coronavirus has now shown up in 175 countries, and in Boston, we are adapting responses from countries like South Korea and Italy as we seek to “flatten the curve." We are learning a new set of social rules - staying 6 feet apart, wearing masks in public, remaining home whenever we can. The coronavirus has shown us that every interaction matters, and that each of us is intricately connected to others in ways we cannot always see.

At the same time, the divides between us are becoming ever more visible. In Boston some of us have shifted to working from home, while others do not have that option. Some of us are on the frontlines working essential jobs, while others have lost the jobs they had. And while the virus doesn’t discriminate, individual and structural economic and racial bias means that poor people and people of color are at higher risk of illness and death than their wealthier and white peers.

This is why we need BNID. Local and global social problems - and the webs between them - are on display as never before. BNID’s purpose has always been to break down silos between social issues, organizational structures, and the imaginary divide between local and global. We now have a critical opportunity: to draw together our community’s diverse skills, expertise, and experiences, to unite around a shared commitment to building a healthier, more just world for all.

But where to begin? Here are some places to start:


  • Fill out the BNID survey - This survey is needed to get your insights for our strategic plan. We will be drawing three survey participants to win a gift card to a local Boston business of your choice (cafe, book shop, etc).
  • Email [email protected] if you are interested in sharing a story on our blog or social media. Our staff and our board are here to help in any way we can.
TAKE LOCAL ACTION HERE IN BOSTON.CONNECT THE LOCAL TO THE GLOBAL.Thank you for all you already do to bring greater social justice into the world. We look forward to continuing to build together, even when apart.

Stay safe,
Raina Fox
BNID Interim Executive Director