A Letter from BNID's New Director, Jon Shaffer

Jon Shaffer

Dear friends,

The Boston Network for International Development (BNID) is in a transitional phase full of opportunity. BNID's founder, Adam Korn, and a remarkable team of volunteers have built a powerful platform to support the Boston international development community. From here, we hope to grow our service to the international development community in Boston through expanded community building programs, in-person events, and workshops. 

The current administration has signaled opposition to crucial investments in development assistance and positive international engagement. However, for these reasons, it more important than ever to come together as a community that is committed to global justice. I feel honored to be stepping in as the next Executive Director for BNID and will do everything I can to grow our collective capacity.

My vision is simple: to build off of the successful BNID website and newsletter platform that has been created by Adam and the team, and to organize year-long in-person programming that is valuable for the international development community. The purpose of these events programs would be to bring together individuals from different spheres of the international development community. I believe that we will be a more powerful and resilient community as a result.

I'm excited to hear from you as well! As we start our planning phase this spring and summer, I'd love to hear from you with your ideas, suggestions, or critiques. Please email me at [email protected]. I want to hear from you so even if you take a few minutes to craft an email and introduce yourself, I would be very grateful. Furthermore, I am happy to meet you for coffee or speak to you over the phone.

Thank you for all that you do to serve and improve the lives of people around the world.


Jon Shaffer