BNID has worked with higher education institutions in Greater Boston for over a decade to support and cultivate the next generation of leaders in international development. 

Advancing International Development in Higher Education (AID in HigherEd) continues this legacy by creating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to explore careers in international development. Specifically, AID in HigherEd aims to:

  • Support career advancement for students interested in international development
  • Expand the number of students interested in pursuing careers in international development, particularly students from underrepresented communities
  • Promote self-reflective practice and awareness around equity, shifting power, and decolonizing aid 

Membership is open to all higher education institutions in Greater Boston that have programs or areas of study related to international development.

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AID Member benefits

BNID hosts 5 events per academic year (4 virtual; 1 in-person) as part of the AID in HigherEd program. Students from AID Member institutions have unlimited access to these events:

  • 4 virtual events (webinars, workshops, networking events, skill-building opportunities, etc.) featuring experienced international development practitionerswith sector-specific advice on career advancement and skills/resources to be more competitive in the job market.
  • 1 in-person networking event to strengthen connections between students and the international development community in Greater Boston. This event provides students with the opportunity to connect directly with future mentors and employers.

Staff/faculty of AID Member institutions are also invited to join the AID Steering Committee, which meets 2-3x per year to set the direction for all virtual and in-person programming. The Steering Committee is also a space for strengthening connections and collaboration among staff/faculty working in or adjacent to international development.

Cost of AID Membership 

Membership dues are $1500 for the academic year and can be renewed annually. Dues help to cover staff time and program-related expenses (speaker fees, event costs, etc.). Membership registration closes on October 1 for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

For more information about this program, please reach out to Nanako Tamaru at [email protected]